A displaced New Yorker spends lockdown in her frost-belt home

My daughter Cordelia (then 5) at George Floyd’s Minneapolis memorial the week after his death

One year ago I fled a shut-down New York with my kids, not knowing if or when we would return. After short stays with loved ones in Knoxville and Boulder, we landed at grandma and grandpa’s in my native land, the Twin Ports of Superior, Wisc., and Duluth, Minn., where I hadn’t lived since 1997. My mom is healthy and my dad unscientific, so they opened their home in spite of the risks. …

For five months we lived out of our luggage and traveled between hosts with our first family car. Pictured are Cordelia (5) and William (10) surrounded by our SteamLines.

Coronavirus sent us packing for an adventure filled with love and lessons that ultimately affirmed there’s nothing like calling New York home.

The Great Escape

On March 30th, my two children and I fled New York for a journey that took us to seven states, over a dozen beds, and an emotional ride that proved vital at turning points for our family and the world. During the two weeks prior to leaving New York, my husband’s Greenwich Village restaurant permanently closed, my contract work was halved, the children and I were WFH (that’s working from hell), and Harlem stores were all but stripped…

Cassandra Csencsitz

A girl from the North Country, Cassandra Csencsitz is now a New York-based writer, editor, and mother of two.

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